Mx of Marion county tire choice


What's the dirt like a this place? I have a qualifier coming up and I'm trying to decide on tires. I have a kx450 wondering to go with a intermediate or soft terrain tire as well as a 80 or 90 front and 110 or 120 rear.. Please help!

Tyler its been 10 years since I've raced at Reddick. That said it was always a mix of red clay and sand. A soft int tire was pretty much the norm up there. 120 in the rear, I would look at the web site and even call them and see what the guys are using.

The track is considered to be Reddick. Is this a lorrettas qualifier ? Lots of riders try and get that first qual in and out of the way. Regionals are in GA ? Man I'm getting old. I did +30 20 years ago.

Yep it's a lorretta Lynn qualifier. That's a good idea to call and ask, worth a shot. It says the track is Mx of Marion county and the town is reddick. The only thing that sucks is te next weekend I go to Oklahoma and I might just stick with a

Intermediate tire to run at both tracks..


It is hard clay for the most part, run either a soft or int tire and up the pressure a bit. (I usually run 11 in front and 10 in rear but at Marion and Hard rock I run 13 front and 12 rear).

Don :thumbsup:

Alright thanks a lot guys!!

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