Lowest seat?

Only my second post but a long time lurker/reader. I finally got home from Afghanland to my new DR-Z. I have already got the 3x3 and the rejet done with an exhaust on the way. Here is my issue, the bike is taller than I remembered it and the ground seems mighty far away. I am 5' 8" but its all torso and no in-seam. I have done the searches and read all the reviews both here and other places on the various options (Seat Concepts, Fisher, Corbin, etc.). Most all, excluding the gel seat, seem to be viable options and have similar praise/complaints. The question I am having trouble finding the answer too is this: Which has the lowest seat hight? The best I can tell is that the Corbin seems to have the greatest drop to seat hight. I am hoping some of you that have tried several or have a similar in-seam can tell me what you preferred to get your feet closer to the ground without lowering the bike itself. I intend to do equal parts on/off road and don't want to compromise the handling or the ground clearance. Thanks a bunch for your help!


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Maybe email the aforementioned suppliers and ask the seat height on their low seat option.

Before spending money, try this (i am also vertically challanged like your self, lol)

And im assuming this is on a ''S'' model,

raise the front forks in the tripple clamp about 1/2 up like so


raise the rear shock nut all the way up, like a inch away from the top of the threads, that will make the rear a bit sofer, so when you sit on the bike, it will be a bit lower, getting your feet closer to the ground,

and shave the stock seat, this will make it about a inch lower, and the seat will become wider, which will make it a bit more comfy


I lowered my bike that way, cause just like you, did not want to go with the lowering links, been working out great for me.

I see what youre going for but taking all of the preload out of the rear sping is going to have an effect on the handling. I dont mind spending the money to get a good seat that is going to be more comfortable that the stock one and get me a little closer to the ground. I was just looking to find out what seat got me the most inches for my buck so to speak. I sent out emails to some of the manufactures to find out what they say it lowers the seat hight but I was curious what peoples opinions where about the lowest.

Suzuki Gel Seat lowers around an inch or so but it is not the most comfortable seat out there.

Yeah I was able to find the specs for the gel seat. Although everything I have read about the gel seat was that it wasn't comfortable at all. I did hear back from Saddlemen on their adventure track low profile seat. They said theirs is 1" - 1 1/2" lower.

For what its worth...I am pretty short (5'8") and bought a Corbin seat...big $$$$. I had it on the bike for all of 15 minutes . It was slick, had no cushion and in my opinion, pretty much was a waste. I sold it and bought a used stock seat off of ebay and shaved it down a little. Worked great and cost me $50.00. Everyone will have an opinion of course. If you could hook up with some people that have other seats and ask them to let you sit on their bike, you could get an idea on what you like before spending the money on a disappointment . Hope that helps!

The gel seat is about the lowest, partly because it's shorter, and partly because it has a rounded profile ... it is also the most uncomfortable seat you could ever put on the bike !

I've got the all-torso, stubby legs as well, but get the Seat Concepts and just get used to the height. As long as you can get a toe down, it'll work fine. Worst case you fall over when you stall out in a dip.

The best solution with dirt wheels is to have the forks & shock internally shortened a bit (and revalved/sprung) or you could throw on some 17" SM wheels with knobby tires. I went the lowering link route when I put dirt wheels on my SM, but it makes the rakes out the bike and makes the rear suspension feel like a worn out couch.

I am in the same boat as you. I have a gel seat that i put on in place of the stock seat. The lowering was great and solved that issue but the comfort is terrible! Please keep me posted on what your final choice is. I would like the most comfort and lowest profile as well.

I'll weigh in on the Corbin seat. It is over an inch shorter, and considerably wider, and spreads the contact points out. I have put 500 miles on it and it is more comfortable by far than the stock seat. The big drawback is the price. $370 list. But I got mine free in the trade deal I did.

I still would like it shorter so I may spring for the dogbones. I'm not a fan of altering suspension to correct an unrelated issue.


Fisher will make your seat as low as you want (within limits of the seat of course). I'll be sending my seat out to him in the next week or so and can let you know how it turns out. So far i have heard nothing but good things about them.

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