2007 KXF450 no idle after sitting in storage

I have a 2007 that has been sitting in storage for almost 2 years. The other day I tried to start it. After a while it started but would not idle. I drained the gas tank and refilled with fresh. It started with the choke but ran rough and backfired alot. I replaced the airfilter and started it again but it still backfires on decel and will not idle without the choke. This bike has less than 35 hours on it and has always run perfect. I suspect it is something simple but I am not sure where to start. Any advice would be appreciated.

Take apart the carb and clean everything, most likely just a little gummed up

pilot jet plugged, almost better to buy a couple of new ones befroe you pull it apart to save time. jetsrus.com is a great place.


Is it difficult to remove / replace the pilot jet?

if it is hard to clean, i just replace instead of wasting my life for a $3 jet.

Neglected for 2 years wow.

Is it difficult to remove / replace the pilot jet?

If you have never removed a carburetor cleaned one before, then yes, it is difficult. I would get help from an experienced friend if I were you.

When you buy the jet buy a new hot start plunger also. I am willing to bet yours will need drilled out. Again, get help.

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