CRF100 or TT-R125?!

The question is not which to buy, but rather which to keep?! I have both bikes, a 2005 CRF 100 and a 2002 TT-R125. Both need some love, they will be rebuilt and gone through but which would be the better bike for my 12-year-old daughter? She fits on either bike so that isn't really an issue. She is a beginner rider with little experience. I would have her ride both bikes except there's too much snow on the ground here for that. I'm more concerned with reliability and addressing the shortcomings of each bike. If you had to choose which one would it be?

The crf100 will run forever honda makes great engines like that

I don't know the TT-R125, but my daughter is still riding her CRF100 at 20.

She is looking for a little more speed and power, but still happy with the ergonomics.


Thanks for the input. I'm not really worried about the motors, as they will both be rebuilt.

I'm more worried about addressing the shortcomings of each bike, kind of like dealing with the manufacturer defects in a sense. From what I understand the TTR will need a frame cradle, springs, and a chain guide, etc. It seems to be a little heavier, but have more power.

Haven't done a lot of reading on the CRF but I was wondering if it had similar problems that needed to be addressed. I would like something that is simple, easy to work on, reliable, lightweight and have decent power... I'm just not sure which is the better place to start between the two of them.

Both are slow, but the TTR takes four years to rev, but has more power. Both need a cradle, chain guide, pegs, bars, and gusseting of the frame. TTR has better suspension, front disc, and e-start.

Just went through a buying decision between those two bikes for my 9 year old son. He is big for his age, almost 5 feet and almost 100 pounds and he is already a pretty good rider having had an XR75 for a year now.

We went with the CRF100. For your situation I would recommend the same simply because "It's a Honda". Bulletproof, simple, and you can get parts for it at the 7-11 :rolleyes:

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