TT-R125 or CRF100?

The question is not which to buy, but rather which to keep?! I have both bikes, a 2005 CRF 100 and a 2002 TT-R125. Both need some love, they will be rebuilt and gone through but which would be the better bike for my 12-year-old daughter? She fits on either bike so that isn't really an issue. She is a beginner rider with little experience. I would have her ride both bikes except there's too much snow on the ground here for that. I'm more concerned with reliability and addressing the shortcomings of each bike. If you had to choose which one would it be?

personally i think they are practically the same bike.

i think the honda will have more resale value to spend on the repairs of the yamaha

i think the honda will have more aftermarket parts and could make a better bike - bbk for example

I would also ask your daughter, at that age one son liked red and the other purple, so there ya go....

I posted the same question on in the Honda forum and so far it sounds like a draw. I'm leaning toward the Honda though.

well if you sold the yamaha as is, how much would you get and what love could you put into the honda for that price

vice versa as well if you sold honda how much love could you give the yamaha?

however a running bike brings a lot more value than a non running one... especially since someone is usually buying it for their kid at that size and they dont want to repair the bike for the kid to ride it.

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