What 2 stroke trail bike should I buy?

I'm 5"10 165lbs. I have an old rt100 and have mastered riding it in the woods. I want something that actually fits me and has some power. I was thinking about a yz 125 or cr 125. But I'm not the best rider and am nervous about the seat height. Then I thought and researched about the ktm 105 xc. What should I look for??????


Can you explain why it would suit me better.

Your tall enough for a full sized bike. The 125 MX'ers are less than ideal, abrupt power delivery that lacks low-end, and suspension valving is too harsh. I think the following would be better choices...


KTM exc/xc 150/200

Husky WR150

GasGas 200

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Are those 2 strokes

Besides the ktm's


Are those 2 strokes

Besides the ktm's

All those are 2-strokes, and are good choices.


These bikes (ktm 200, kdx 200) are not as high strung as a mx 125. They also have more bottom end grunt which is what you need in the woods. Not sure about the seat height on the ktm, but the kdx is shorter than 125 also. If you are comfy on a mx 125 and have the ability to keep it " on the pipe" in the woods then it would be a fine ( lightweight ) choice , but its def not a beginners bike. You sound like you have some experience in the woods so it might work out ok for you ( mx 125).

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