What brand should I chose?

Hi guys,

I have a CRF 450 year 2011 and bought a full pipe akrapovic. Since I was told I need to remap my EFI, I am confused to which brand I should buy. I live in Morocco, so there is no way for me to send my parts and have it remapped. Therefore I think I have to buy either :

dynojet power commander 5 (300$),

Honda HRC (280$),

bazzaz z-fi+zi-afm (430$).

Help and suggestion please guys.


Any feedback please?

I was more leaning towards the power commander 5, since I saw 9 reviews on motosports.com saying that it is a great product. But again, motosports is doing 25% off on OEM so the HRC Honda one will be the cheapest one, even if there no reviews on that one.

I would have said pc5 but the guys here that have them here on their bikes reckon the HRC's a good unit to have,the guys also say that the pc5 is very good too.eitherway you gota choice on what you want n depends on what sort of riding you do

I would choose between the Bazzaz and the HRC, and nothing else.

In my honest opinion I'd go with the HRC,from reading the links you've shared the HRC sounds a lot simpler to play with and I'd imagine with a couple of changes you will notice a lot of difference in power so it'd be enough to keep you happy,performancewise.

The pc5 offers more adjustments from what I read but looks a lot harder to use,I'd say that's aimed more at the gun riders who look to squeeze the hell out of each map they've got to play with.

I looked at the pc5 for my 2012 wr450 but I chose the powertuner from Yamaha just for the simple reason it's easy to use like an iPhone,select the map you want,load it n away you go!the HRC sounds to have a similar principal of the Yamaha powertuner but instead of it being handheld,you need a laptop.its totally up to you,what you want for the bike and what sort of riding you do,weather you just want abit more power with a simple change ect ect.

Can i use the HRC on different bike, or is it only for Honda?

I'd say no coz its a tuner aimed for the Honda machines only as far as I know.

Any bike with any type of pipe on it can be remapped,when the pipe is installed its a freer flowing exhaust,causing a leaner condition due to a drop in back pressure,so you'd have to richen it up to compensate.wideban o2 sensors are a brilliant tool to have when it comes to seeing what ratio the bikes at on all throttle applications.you can get them from eBay for around 240 usd for a good one like koso brand or other

The Honda tuner is brand and model specific, just like any tuner will be.

So the HRC will find what ratio to use for an akrapovic exhaust, or will i need to buy anothrr part besdies the HRC?

It won't find anything.the HRC allows you change fuel delivery and ignition timing.so yes,if you want set it correctly you should buy a wideband.

Depending on your tuning capability you can purchase a wideband o2 sensor to see what a/f ratio is at,this is like fine tuning it abit more.to use this you have to drill a hole in the header,weld the nut to it that they provide you,screw the sensor into it,ride it,see what ratio it's at then make changes with the HRC accordingly.im at sea level n I shoot mine around 12:1 or there about,temprature,humidity and elevation can change your ratios by the way.

This is pretty much what bike shops do for you when you purchase a tuner off them anyway,except they have a dyno and other gear to do it.you should be given a guideline on where to start for fuel and ignition and the rest is playing around with it till you find a tune your happy with and its in a safe operating range.

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Hi. Thx. So if i got this right, no matter if I buy the HRC or the dynojet, either way I need to buy also a sensor in order to good settings/results?

So not only 300$ but also another 200-250$ for the sensor?



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