Hard Starting

2006 CFR250R. Bike is very hard to start. Seems to fire the first few kicks and then won't fire at all. After sitting for about 10 minutes, the same - wants to start the first couple of kicks but won't. Was able to get it running by bump starting - ran fine but them would not restart after shutting it off.

Gas leaks from the carb bowl overflow when kicking the bike. No gas leaking when sitting still or running, just when kicking the kickstart.

Removed and checked and cleaned the carb - replaced the needle (fuel) valve. Appeared to be clean, slight groove in the needle valve. Wiring looks good. Valves replaced and seats re-cut about 20 hours ago - clearance is good. Compression is good.

Any known problems or similar experience with this?? Bike is 6 years old. Pretty good shape and well maintained.


What's your jetting? Are you getting a good spark?

Plug is new - good spark. Jetting is pretty stock. Bike has started and run well in the past, this is something new.

your answers are VERY vague. you need to be very specific if you want help.

What is your jetting?

what is your valve clearances measured?

Now you said you have a mark in the needle valve? replace it. Then set the floats correctly. Lower than factory specs!

Next clean the hot start plunger. lube it lightly, reinstall and adjust the cable with slack in it.

Sorry to be vague - this is my son's bike. The carb was jetted for SW Florida and has always started and run well. Valve clearance was just checked (by me) and adjusted to within specs per the manual - I don't recall the exact clearance when done. The needle valve was replaced and when trying to adjust the float I discovered that you need a special tool to do this (used to do this with a caliper). My local helpful Honda shop does not have the tool for sale (or for use in the shop) so I was unable to get this done.

Your advice to set the float lower is helpful. When you say lower, how low? The hot start plunger advice is also helpful. Work has me busy so it will be a week or so before I can get back into it. Any other suggestions??

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