Need Garmin Topo maps

Looking for Topo maps to load in to my Garmin GPS 60. I have a house near Camalu (Punta San Jacinto, Shipwrecks) and I am looking to venture up to Mike's and then down to the Gulf and back over to San Quintin. If any of you have the download please PM me.

Or if anyone wants to hook up with my crew and be a rider/guide, let me know.


the e32 cartiographicia mexico backroad maps for garmin are very good. I live in canada,but go down every winter for a couple of weeks of off the grid moto fun single track exploring in baja. if i lived down there even for a portion of the year, i'd have that map set on my gps for sure.

Check out this link. This is one of the more common base maps for Baja

thanks. I just bought my first GPS for the bike. all of our riding has been within 100 miles of our house that is about 170km south of Ensenada on the coast. looking forward to getting to the gulf and up into the mountains a bit more.

I found this set:

INEGI, which is Mexico's equivalent of the USGS, has offices in TJ and Mexicali. Bicimapas also sells maps. Both have websites. I would guess that all Mexican topos originate from INEGI.

I have done some research and am considering a Garmin NUVI with 5" screen and Ram mount. One of the guys on the XR250/400 thread has a photo of a NUVI with Ram mount and has used it for a few years.

Here are some more map sources:

I have used LBMaps for a number of years. They were one of the first to publish a GPS map for Baja. They are a road type map, not a topo if that is important. And while they do show all the common routes you hear about, as well as many you don't, they have not changed or been updated in recent years best I can tell. This is not a deal breaker as things tend to change slowly in Baja. For the most part the LBMaps do not show street level detail in most of the urban areas. Mine is version V1.1. They do not support auto-routing. One nice thing about the LBMap is that they are not cluttered with a bunch of topo contour line and random roads which keeps the screen simple and clean, also you can zoom out and the minor dirt tracks still show.

IMO the LBMap is a cheap way to get the commonly ridden routes mapped on to a GPS, that said you get what you pay for ($40). If new to GPS or Baja or on a tight budget this is not a bad way to go but there is much better available for a price. And always carry a paper map as well!

If your GPS is a 60C and not a 60Cx you need to keep the memory size in mind as well. LBMaps is a small file.


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damn, thanks for all the info. i bought a used Garmin 60, not a cool one with the extra memory. I like the idea of the simplicity of the LB maps, but I may go with the E32 based on the overall detail.

e32 is the best exploring backcountry map set that i have found so far. I use it to find my way into and out of some pretty remote single track trails and places in baja. depending on what your looking for and what your prepared to do ,you get what you pay for. if your on a budget,pick up a aa map,and travel with that,as you can still find some pretty nice stuff.

One step above the AAA map is the Baja Atlas map book. Large format and not convenient to carry, but darn near every 'road' and rockpile of significance is on there. Make copies, or research waypoints, etc. Very helpful. If interested I'll look up the isbn number from mine.

Thanks for all the info. For now I will be sticking to some pretty well known routes, Mikes, down to San Felipe, etc..

Gotta hook up with some of you real Baja travelers to get my spirit of adventure going. My crew (partners in Baja house) are mainly surfers and ride local CA mountains. We have not ventured far from the house in Baja, not even an overnighter! I have two little kids and hard for me to get out on trips over 4 days. But I am gearing up for some good years ahead.

good for you jimmy! little explorations in baja are cool and exciting as far as i'm concerned! kids first,playin when you do get a chance,which sounds like a few years out? set your self up with what ever mapset you can afford for your gps and i totally forgot to mention the baja almanac map book. buy one before they all sell out like they did a few years ago! if you have a gps, read out your

coordinates,compare them to the almanac and all of a sudden your not lost anymore! we did this style of navigating for years down there, and we slept in a warm bed ate tacos and drank cold beer every nite in baja!

I agree with Cactusreid. Get the Baja Almanac, as they've just come back into print again, and are hard (nearly impossible) to find from time to time! With the Almanac and a GPS, you'll never get very lost at all, once you learn how to read them. Indispensable in my opinion.

+1 on the almanac map book , that's the one I meant not "atlas".

Got the LB Maps & I have the old Atlas at the house in Baja

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Cartiographia is not online, or changed domains?


I see what you mean, domain name is suspended. I was at the Los Ancianos BBQ yesterday and I recall that Russ Mitchell mentioned that he had just received his copy of the E32 map. I will check with him for contact info.

Cartiographia is not online, or changed domains?

Beechum, here is the contact e-mail for Omar. He's the guy you get the E32 from and will give you the code you will need.


The issue is that the Web domain name, cartografiagps, has been suspended. You can't open this web page. If the domain name is blocked, you can't send email to Omar at this domain address.

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