Engine noise

Guys, I have a 07 sm 4200 miles I just bought...seems to run fine no leaks or smoke and does not seem to be abused...just did the 3 by 3 and jet......stock exhaust....when I run it it is quite quiet, but on acceleration when I crack the throttle..I hear another noise that seems in sync with ignition...a bark, a crack, maybe ehaust leak...maybe just the way these drzs are...I don't know..wish I could be more specific...have not had a thumper in years...motor seems and runs healthy..but the noise has me puzzled..ideas

The drz is notorious for "strange sounds" and different engine noises. There are tons of threads on here of folks askin' the same questions/having the same concerns.

For the most part, just pipe it and forget, you wont hear that noise anymore :cool:

but, could always check cam chain, install a mcct. check valves etc if you are very concerned.

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