How good is Ktm xc's for trail riding?

I'm looking for a trail bike. Wondering how good ktm enduro's are. 2 strokes only.

Is world class good enough? The top finishers in off-road racing typically are KTM

Two words... The BEST!


They are extremely good. A very 4-stroke like linear power band, no big scary hit, tons of torque, yet 25lbs lighter than a similar 4 stroke. In fact, I would say they are sleepy fast. Because of the vast, very linear, and smooth power you can reach ballistic trail speed without even realizing it until you look at the speedo.

The clutch is awesome, the suspension is low maintenance (the non-linkage stuff on the XC-Ws). Plus, great brakes, e-start, tons of aftermarket options, and quality components stock.

Really, the only debate is XC vs XC-W.......

Two words... The BEST!


That's arguable. However, They have the very best riders riding them to podium finishes. That's why they're on top.

IMO they are unrivaled in the woods. I personally like the xcw better due to the softer suspension and wide ratio tranny.

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