That Iconic smell over time.

So I was plundering deep into the show a few weeks ago and I found what looked like a old can of paint. When I cleaned I off it was a really old can of two stroke oil from some brand ive never heard of before. I was itching to try it, and I ran some of it through my 250. Dude... The premix back then smells so much different than it does today. It reminds me of the stuff I use in my chainsaw. Whats so much different about the oil they used back in the 70s as opposed to the I use now? I cant imagie how great it was with that as the only thing you could smell at the track...

Kind of a side note... what do you guys think the best smelling premix is? I know its a opinion but it has to be either klots or yamalube. I Just wana hear what you all have to say!

Best smelling? BLENZALL green

i personally think maxima castor 927 smells the best, ahhh i just love it

i personally think maxima castor 927 smells the best, ahhh i just love it


Blendzall is good but Mobil 1 synthetic 2 stroke oil mixed with race fuel WAS my favorite. Unfortunately, Mobil discontinued it.

I like Klotz....makes the woods smell like bubblegum

I love just about any 2 stroke smell but the BRP mineral oil in the sleds is awesome

I love the smell of premix in the morning.

Maxima SUPER M Blue The BEST premix.

That old school 2-stoke smell is castor based oil. I love the smell but I have heard it gums up power valves. Also heard you can't borrow gas from your buddy if one of you are using it.


2r with race gas is the shit

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