will a 2003 crank and conroe fit in a 2006 wr450

hey, the bottom end in my 06 wr450 is starting to go and i have found a 03 crank and conrod.

will this fit???? my old irl has around 10000kms maybe even more and this will be the first time the engine will be broken down and looked at, i plan on doing piston,rings, valves and springs so hopfuly i can get another 10000km out of her.

hope someone can help!

The 2003 crank has thinner shaft end taper and flywheel than the 2004-2011 WR's. It was one of the changes made in response to the starter issues that the 2003 model had. Also it takes a different flywheel puller. My opinion is that even if it fits you don't want it.

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