Stock spring rates for 2012 TXC 310?

Anyone here happen to know what the rates are?? I don't see them in the manual. Thanks.

Usually they do list them, but not for my bike. They tell me what spring rate I should be running, but not what comes stock on the bike. Still need help on this, because I may or may not benefit from re springing the bike. Although at 200lbs. in street clothes it's probably a given I just get what they suggest and assume the springs are too weak for me. Right?

shag you need to do your sag setting procedure that will tell you immediatly if you require heavier springs.

most likely you can use the same spring rate search as the 2011 TE310, 12 TXC310 etc for reference.

If you're 200lbs most likely the proper setting will not fall into place and your numbers will not come up right. research vinduro's / Dwight Rudder's formulas for set up they are used by him as well as many other professional suspension tuners. His numbers are the spot on start set up numbers.

MXA has the TC250R test and lists .47 fork springs, and 5.3 for the shock. the TXC310R is supposed to be the same setup. the 2012 TC250R has the same settings

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