450 class Suzuki's bikes have a different sounding rev limiter this year?


I was watching the last couple races live and go pro's videos on you tube it seems that Suzuki's rmz450 rev-limiters sound different to previous years and to the other bikes racing

Does any one have any information on a change they might have made.

Note*I also could just be hearing things i was just wondering if i was the only one who noticed or not.

Didn't notice anything different. But now that you've mentioned it, I predict some responses like "Suzuki went with a new rev-limiter design than can endure more harsh impact" now that Stewart is riding for them. U know its coming... :-)

They do so many engine mods they might have developed something different, I haven't noticed personally. The only bike I hear on the rev limiter is Justin Barcia :lol:

My buddy builds race bikes for Kawi. They use a different computer on the top bikes and can tune in things that cannot be tuned into stock boxes. They are not for sale..period. I'm sure Suk's do the same thing. They all can tune for a mild smooth power like Dungy likes and just look how smooth Dungy comes out of turns and how his bike does not get loose and squirly and look how JS7 has his hands full but his bike is a rocket. He blows Dungy away in the open with that type tune and you saw that last year during the outdoor. Different strokes for different folks but the tunes come on black boxes you will never get.

That's why Dungey has to run the airshock... to reduce weight because he bike is under powered compared to everyone else. Especially Matt Georke's

Dungey's bike is the lightest out their.. And what is that doing for him? Oh well he's faster than I ever will be.

It's because James is so slow these days he never hits the revlimter

And Davi is treating the limiter like a bitch

they all might sound different for one reason, they are using a new version of the go pro...

they all might sound different for one reason, they are using a new version of the go pro...

Are they using hero 3 or something different?

Are they using hero 3 or something different?

the hero 3. which in previous years they were using the hero 2 and before that the hero. The thing i first noticed about the hero was the difference in sound. havent watch enough videos to notice a difference in rev limiters...

they all might sound different for one reason, they are using a new version of the go pro...

for me it was specifically the Suzuki Barcia's rev limiter sounded the same and so did kawi and ktm
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I noticed Suzuki's limiter sound is different than the other 4. But I didn't put much thought into it

almost every bike out there uses a vortex ignition you can program a softer limiter into them the factory ecus have the same capabilities. I beleive there koukasan ignitions the suzuki factory ecu and the kawssaki ecu have the same conector and rubber cap i have tested the kaw with the factory ecu and i have a factory suzuki ecu setting here.

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