I Need Advice, Please!

Ok, here's the deal. I'm 49. I was raised on the Yamaha DT's in the 70's. Loved them. Have not had a bike in 20 years. Miss it badly. I want to get something to play around town and easy trails. A weekender so to speak. Locally, I found an "excellent" condition 1975 Yamaha DT400. I know it's 38 years old, but it is cool, runs great and takes me back to my youth. I'm 99% sold on it. That said, I just saw a 2007 Suzuki DR200 with 500 miles on it for sale as well. Of course it would be dependable, zero maintenance and plenty of power for this mid life crisis trail use. Do I roll the dice and go with cool or play it safe and responsible. The DT400 runs great at the moment. My heart wants the oldie, but my brain is starting to go the other way. THOUGHTS??? Thanks.. Mitch

PS. One other thing i like about the DR200 is that it is smaller bike lthan the stronger dual purpose bikes. The seat hight is the same as the old yamaha. I'm 5'9. Most of the current dual sports are too large (seat height).

Seems to me that you need to get them both.

The old Yamaha is vintage. You don't want to beat the crap out of it on the trails. You want to keep that one in mint condition. The Suzuki you can beat the hell out of with no regrets. There are plenty of other ones out there that are also good. Honda CRF230 is good...and virtually indestructible.

The choice, as always, is yours. Good luck. Nice to see you got the bug back and you'll be out on the trails. :thumbsup:

I'm 5'9. Most of the current dual sports are too large (seat height).

I’m only 5’6” and ride a 2008 Suzuki DR650. Get the factory option lowering kit installed, and you’re good to go.

I had a 2002 DR200. Fun little bike, but way way underpowered. Grossly underpowered. Might be 15 HP, tops.

Drz400S with 2in lowering links gets my vote. Probably the most bullet proof bike I have ever had the privalage to own.

Makes 35hp to the wheels stock and loads of farkles to buy for it. They can be had for apart nothing. My 07 has 22k miles. Not a single problem

I'm 5'9" and I can tip toe a stock S

I rode a CT2 175 all during high school and then didn't have a dirt bike for about the same period. I went with the DRZ 400 and can tell you it's a way better bike at everything. The DT would be old school cool; but anything but the most basic parts are going to be hard to find and you'll feel bad if you tear it up off road (I know I would). Lots and lots of used DRZ's that have been modded by the PO for a real decent price out there and tons of aftermarket support. Check out the DRZ 400 forum here on TT, there are lots of knowledgeable people on there. http://www.thumperta...um/17-dr-z-400/

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I of-course am a KTM man, but have to admit that DRZ400's are great street legal bikes. Know three friends that ride them and there all custom to there body and riding styles. Really limitless on what mods you can do, and really that becomes half the fun. Friends also beat the crap out of them and never an issue. So gotta give props where it's due.

Get the DT and have some vintage fun. I agree with the others above, save your pennies for a used DRZ s. I'm also 5'9" and love mine (no lowering kit). Picked this 02 400s up for $2000, only had 310 miles on it. :-)


I want to thank everyone who posted their valuable advice. It's exactly what I wanted. Since the collective group didnt all lean one way or the other, it tells me that both options are viable. Although I would love to have the vintage, my gut tells me that a "newer" bike will better fit my interests. I often see trails that lead off from the main road and I want to explore them and not worry if I'm going to make it back home. The vintage would be cool, but I'm feeling too adventurous to be limited by it's unpredictability. However, the majority of you are leaning towards at least a 400 and having it lowered. Since it has been 25 years since I've hit a trail, I'm going to start out with either a DR200, XT250 or CRF235. I have found all 3 in my area, slightly used (all under 500 miles), at really great prices. I dont know if there is an obvious better bike of the 3, but if there is, please let me know. Once I find my comfort zone and confidence, I can easily upgrade. I'll keep you posted. I'm very excited to enter this world again, and I'm very happy to find nice, helpful people in this forum, Thanks again. Mitch

OK. Mission accomplished. I just bought a 2007 Yamaha XT225 with 68 miles on it. It just had a complete service and is literally like new. Paid $1900. Thank you for all your advice. I'm thrilled!!


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