230 shuts off under continuious high rpms?

Hello all, im new here. Had a qusetion theats baffled me for a few years. Ive had 2 230s over the past few years, the first an 05 and now an 07. I had the 05 back in high school few years back & i had a T-4 exhaust, jetted & uni air filter. To say the least i cut it no slack. I raped that poor bike for all it had alot. Well to the point, me & my cousin were ridin at a lake and the water had went down so there was alota ankle deep mud to play in for hundreds of yards. Well i held it wide open off rev limiter in 3rd gear for prolly 50+ yards jus barely moving. Prolly 2-3+ mins strait and it jus died like u shut off the key. Thot maybe gas was low so i fliped it on reserve still nutin. The moter still turned over at the same speed like it still had compresion. But i didnt check for fire but dont see why it would quit the satarted workin again. Waited around 15 mins or so & it started right up. Ran fine no smoke. & it did this one other time same as first in the shallow mud. Wait around and it satered up jus like b4. I am notnew when it comes to workin on bikes as i do alot and worked at a bike/atv shop in high school. Ive herd of air cooled motors getin to hot when not movin near fast enuf and the piston swelling and locking it up temopraily but smoked afterwards. But im sure there is nothing temperature related on the 230 to shut it off. Wot couldve it been. Ive never been that hard on the 07 i have now cuz i take lots better care of it. It jus baffled me that it did it twice and i rode that bike off the rev limiter all the time. I mean hard hard all the time. And it never smoke and was still ran like new after both times it died like that. Sorry for the long post guys. Its puzzled me for years. Thanks for any input inadvance!!

Could have gotten hot and vapor locked the fuel system.

Ahhh never thot of it vapor lockin & it did get really hot. I know u dont see it as much as the old bikes. Like the old rotary valve 2 stokes.thanks for the reply.

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