Songs for Edits

Hey guys I am wondering what songs you would recommend for a song in an edit? I like some rock, but not screamo, and I don't have a problem with rap at all. Dubstep is sometimes alright, but I wouldn't seek it out specifically. Something with a mildly aggressive flow would be alright. What are some ideas? Here is an edit that my friend made of us all riding this year. Im number 140 on the YZ250. I got new gear and a new bike which is that black/red gear red helmet and No numbers on the bike by the end of the video.

By the way. that is me on the ground with my right hand still on the throttle in the display picture haha. When in doubt throttle out! While you are at it, please give constructive tips on the edit to make the next one better. I think he did a good job, but obviously its good to learn so please leave your ideas/suggestions. Don't forget about listing a bunch of cool songs to put in the next one too. Thanks.

my only advice on editing would be the shorter the video length the better. I like that the video wasn't over edited with too much effects, slow mo's, ect. IMO shorter videos with more selective choices of content turn out the best. You know when you watch a video and wish it kept going? those are good videos.

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