Help Identify Possible Fork Upgrades - 2001 DRZ400S

Just bought a new to me 2001 model which I read has the suspension with less adjustment. Mine has adjustment screws on the top and bottom. Forks have stickers advertising a local suspension shop but unfortunately I have no idea what work has been done.

Do these look like stock to you? Thanks in advance



Edited by DRJH1999

Kind of look the same as the ones on my 2012 drz s model .. Dont quote me on that though

Edited by tylerslj

Looks like newer S or E - model fork (old S fork had different cap with spring prelad regulation screw, dunno whether caps are interchangable). But to be 100% I'd look inside.

Later model forks , compression adjustment on the bottom , rebound adj on the top .

Thanks guys hopefully one less thing to spend more money on.

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