RMZ 450 Exhaust?

What kind of exhaust system are you running on your RMZ?

I had a Yosh full carbon/Ti system on my '10 450 and it really woke the power up by adding a strong bottom hit and allowed it to rev much higher.

I have a '13 now and debating what to get. I'm looking into the full ti/anodized FMF system with a megabomb or maybe a Pro Circuit Ti-5? I heard the Pro Circuit takes away low and adds top.

Any inputs of how these system affect the power?

Btw, I looked and couldn't find an exhaust topic so bare with me...

I went with a full yosh rs4 stainless. Power delivery on the '13 is very smooth, so its difficult to tell by the seat of my pants if there were any real gains. Bike does seem to rev a bit longer, but again, its difficult to say.

I would have stuck with the stock exhaust, but I needed a spark arrestor.

its hard to beat oem cycles $416 price tag on the rs4 full system... the savings between that and the fmf or pc could buy you and airforce4 boot, or a bunch of u4.4 for the season..

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