Baja 1000 live updates

Anybody know where to find good realtime updates for the 1000??? I need to know......

I don't know but there has to be somewhere on the internet. You can find anything on the internet.

I thought TT was supposed to give live updates from what I read a while back, but here's what I know so far.

Steve Hengeveld on bike 1x cleared Check #4 at @race mile 150. At @0915hrs, Hengeveld cleared race mile 117 with a huge lead over the second bike 11x piloted by Chris Blais.

Johnny Campbell on 1x was leading the bikes through race mile 205 near Santo Domingo at 11:45. Hot on his trail was bike 11x ridden by Chris Blais whose also on a XR650R - whoohoo - go Chris!!!!

I wish I could have been there, but I just wasn't up to it medically along with everything else going on right now. Check out this link for live updates. Thank you!

Thanks qadsan......

This is the first time since 1981 I have missed the Baja 1000. Boooooo. :)

Got to go check the results.

Updates are comming slow, but here is the big KTM!


We all know who this is! (At least the bike! :))


And team Honda comes through again with Steve Hengeveld piloting the XR650R across the finish line for first place :D

Chris Blais takes 2nd in the bike class! :D

:):D :D :D

All my heroes are heroes :):D

That is a sweet stoppie Hengy is pulling. Just goes to show that even these guys aren't perfect. Pretty close, but not quite.

How did the KTM do? Is this the first big desert race (besides Paris to Dakar) that a factory KTM team entered? It would be nice to see some competition for the 650 in the long races.

I don't know how many KTM's there were, but from what I currently see, the only KTM to finish was ridden by Larry Roseler who finished 31st. There were quite a few Honda's who finished in front of him, but I'm sure it was still a ton of fun for them and probably more purpose oriented than take first place this time. Here's the difference between 1st, 2nd & 31st.

OA BC Driver Veh# CLS Vehicle Elapsed MPH


1 1 Steve Hengevel 1x MP0 Honda 15:39:52 51.77

4 2 Chris Blais 11x MP0 Honda 16:32:51 49.01

31 3 Larry Roseler 301x MP3 KTM 20:20:26 39.87

The 950 KTM was ridden by LR, Scot Harden, Casey McCoy, and Paul Krause.

It did exactly as they expected.

The guys were not out there to try to win OA, and they weren't even expecting to win class 30. They were just planning to ride safe and see how the bike does. It was just a training exercise for their prep for Dakar.

That bike wasn't at all competitive for this 1000. It's too big and heavy.

The bike hit the ground 2 times, both were just tip-overs when coming to a stop - not only is it heavy, it's tall too!

There were no problems with the bike at all. Changed one set of wheels and one set rear pads.

They ended up 3rd class 30 and 11th bike.

Two quads beat the KTM and quite a few trucks/buggies did as well.

Of the bikes ahead of the 950 it was 9 xr650r's and 1 YZ250.

That photo is JC, not Steve.

The #1x (Steve/Johnny/Bruce) and 11x (Blaise/Grider/Hayden/Dempsey) had a pretty good battle going for about 550 miles. The #11 was even ahead of 1x for a little while.



Didn't you tell Blaise/Grider/Hayden & Dempsey they are not to beat the boss. LOL :)

Congratulations to Team Honda and Henge/Campbell. Also glad to hear nothing (yet) of any serious injuries.

Heard from inside sorce,posible DQ for Campbell team. team( cutting course) :)

either way, the 650R spanked the collective A$$ of all the other bike companies yet again, this should keep the 650 around for a few years to come, JR

Heard from inside sorce,posible DQ for Campbell team. team( cutting course)

I heard this from a few others last year. Hmmm... :)

Yep, the XR650R was definitely a winner here :D

I know they have a REALLY nice line (flat) going down pole line road...and if you know pole line road you KNOW whoops. I think that is strategy rather then course cutting, but they may be referring to something else.

They didn't get DQ'd. At least they got their first place trophy at the trophy presentation.

Where did you hear that from MotoChris521?

MainJet - Missed ya this year! Yep, there was definitely some racing happening for the lead this time! Reminds me of a few years ago with the Johnny/Tim VS Jonah/Steve battles!

Johnny and Steve won't be DQ'ed, no way.

Being creative and making good lines is commonplace in Baja races and it's accepted. They have 'em, so do others. Some guys have some HUGE cuts, the problem is getting proof they cut (I'm not saying it's the Team guys, it's others).

At last years 500 I went out the night before the race to a remote location and put chains with locks on 3 gates to keep people out of an 8 minute cut. I figured that if I wasn't using it then nobody was!

Something I noticed at this years 1000 - Tex Mitchel (Baja Designs GM), Craig Smith (former Team Honda and Team Kawi rider), Mike Childress (current Team Kawi rider), Cameron Steele (moto videos and fmx'er), were all racing buggies down there (and Steele's buggy won the 1/2-1600 class).


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