Baja 1000 live updates

to tell you the truth it does not look like Johnny C. or Steve H. at all.

:) Nope that's not Johnny or Steve...

That's Bruce O.

He signs up (as a legal rider) all the time with them just in case.

that is what I thought...I would just hope that they would say so to avoid any rumors. the race reports say Johnny and Steve won the 1000 bla bla bla...they should also mention that Bruce rode the bike, what do you think? I know Bruce and maybe that is the way he likes it but to be fair Bruce should also get credit for the team effort. :)

WOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not checked in here for about a month and look what happens. This is crazy, but I love it.

MIKE --- You are on fire!!!!! I think that I am going to print this up ad send it to HRC. Maybe they will grow some sack and race it fair next year. I think that next year we should follow honda while they are pre-running to see where they go. Find their lines and use then during the rase. They may not be the true race lines, but if everyone takes them then it will become fair again. That way Honda will not really have any unfair advantages. They can't be all that hard to find. A good map and some prior knowledge about check points and we are set. I bet we could get some of this info from Haines.

TIM --- See I was right about Henge. That was him pulling that stoppie. Campbell is much taller than Henge and that guy in the photo is pretty small. You are right, I would have never guesed this post would have gathered so much attention. One simple questions and look what happens. Glad to see that I could help. I am looking forward to showing you around So Baja. Great riding.

Raced the Loreto 400 last weekend and got 2nd OA. Great race. Lost to the state champ by 6 minutes. No cheating going on down here. Good honest fair riding.

You should all try and come down for one of our local races next year. There is a good one called the Dos Mares 500 that is part of the Nat. Championship. It is usually the first weekend in May.

Anyhow, see you all later. Keep the line going. I love it.

Hey Sunny! Where ya been? Missing all the fun.... Yeah--it sort of went off topic on 'your' string for awhile!!!!!You might not want to be seen with me at the 500 next June! :D You think maybe i should get a life, a KTM?--or maybe a therapist? :D

Or maybe Ogilvie/Campbell/Heng should 'retire'. :)

Bummed not to be in Cabo this week--

Congrats on the Loreto race!



I think that we should put them in their place. I am with you bro. I think that we might have a pretty sweet allstar So. Baja team for the 1000 next year. Trying to get the top 3 riders together to form a sweat team. We will knock them of their pedestal. If not then we will follow them all the way and then take them at the end.

Might be a dream, but I think with a little perseverance and a [@#$%&!] load of pre-running they can be taken.

Too bad you are not heading down here. It would have been cool to do some riding together again.

Anyhow, Merry Christmas and have a great time up there. See you soon.

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