Re Mapping 2013 CRF450

Hi all,

I am putting a yoshi full system on my 2013 crf450 and was curious if the sandard ecu could be remapped to suit??? last bike i installed a power commander to tune but only tuned the bike once so dont want the extra cost if not required. i dont need 100% perfect power just want to richen up a little.

The Honda HRC tuner and software is what you want.

Take a look at the Bazzaz Z-Fi Mx unit, I have installed 5 or 6 units on my friends 2013 CRF 450's most have the Pc dual or FmF exhaust with great gains throught the powerband. We also offer a very easy to use system the HRC tool is good for a person that has vast knowledge in tuning. Our system is made for both Plug and play or fine tune and customize your fuel map. or feel free to give us a call @909-597-8300 ext 107

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