XRL USD Clamp Offset/Compatability Question

After some reading and reading I have just a couple of questions before I start my parts search.

It would appear elsalvadors method looks to be the most cost efficient.

I'm thinking 02-03 CR250 triple clamps and forks and a CRFX wheel. I suppose (from my reading) that this will give me a 20mm offset, opposed to the XRL's 18mm and the newer CRF clamps will yield around 24mm offset and making the bike turn more sluggishly.

Fork length varies with year too from what I gather, but I have not read about what is what or which forks have the most desirable length for the swap and sharp handling, but I suppose the '02-03 CR250 length should be good.

So my main questions are:

Different clamps have better steering stops for the XRL from what I have read. What years allow for the steering stops to be used without modification and keep the lower offset?

Would the CRF-X forks be better for woods/trails vise the CR forks?

Lastly, will the different triples allow for the use of the XR400 oil cooler on the XRL?

The CRF forks are significantly longer than XR forks. I think I measured it as an inch and a half or so. CRF fork length varies by model and year, but not nearly by that much. When installing the USDs, there's a limit to how high the fork tubes can be in the triple clamps to reduce their effective length. You will end up with the front of the bike choppered from the longer forks. Short of raising the rear or internally shortening the forks, I haven't heard of any solution.

2002 forks have a smaller base valve, which makes them harder to tune. 2003 or later forks are preferable. But any dual chamber fork will be better than the stockers.

The XR400 guys have problems with the USD forks interfering with the oil cooler. They modify the bump stops to limit the turning radius. Maybe it's possible to change the cooler's mounting position instead.

thanks for that...I had a 400 cooler in mind...well I have a friend holding onto it for me...bit I have 2002 show tc on there and last I measures clearance was tight as hell...

I do need an oil cooler...its hot nowadays down here and I got a new clutch and dont want to be burning up every 5 6 rides...

I will have to take some picts of my cooler tomorrow as it is tighter on one side than it is the other, but securely mounted. I have been on the look out for some priced right forks, they tend to go for about 250 for a nice set, so we shall see. I don't want to run any cooler other than the XR400 one. They are tough and way out of the way, all I need is a stick to jab into some versa cooler or smash it during one of my infamous bike drops.

In the mean time I think I will get rid of my Devol lowering link and find a link with grease fittings. I got the carb and the tire situation figured out last year, this year will be the suspension.

OK, I have done some reading and looking. This is just as bad as when I looked up the FCR info! but much more in depth.

Things to look into furter...

Steering Stops?

"YZ/WR426 (and 400) lower clamps may be a good solution to the steering stop problem"-http://www.4strokes....?TOPIC_ID=30501

Bushings, I have seen that people use bushings to make the CR clamps and have zero doubts the machinists in town will have no idea what I'm talking about, so I will order out for that it appears.

Here's the link where a guy had some bushings made for an XR400 stem, but the XRL stem is different from what I read.-http://www.thumperta...rsion-complete/

Also, it appears that the XR400 oil cooler shouldn't be too big of an issue either as I can relocate it somewhat.

I will post up when I find out some more. My time line looks to be mid summer I hope. I almost pulled the trigger on some triples today, but need to research more.

It may appear- the '05+ CR had different axle location (set back more), but I would like to use the forks that allow the use of my stock XRL brake disk and caliper and the 02-07 CR triple clamps may have the correct stops as well.

Maybe the 09-12 CRF 450 and the 01-12 CRF250 had a 20mm offset.

Think I will be good on the stop clearance


Also CRF forks better than CR?? http://www.rockseven.com/xr400/usd.asp seems like they would be the same.

I think I read somewhere the XRL had an 18mm offset, but still unsure. I will post my findings when I stumble on them.

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One more question, since this is a street/trail bike, would the CRF/X forks be a better suit for the XRL? or just regular CR/CRF/R forks? I imagine the 450 would be stiffer, but have read somewhere that the 250 springs are good for the Pig.

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