Son's new bike...

And looking for suggestions on somewhere in Texas or Oklahoma to do some training during spring break...-30 around here now lol..

Bike is a new leftover 2011 KX85



Nice ride! That smile on your boy's face is priceless

Awesome new ride! I may be looking for one for my son, too. I am getting tired of monster stickers, though.

If you are looking for a instructor with a awesome facility look at this guy.

There is also Mashburns, but I don't know if he has a link. You can contact him through TXMotocross link below. MotoCoach is what he goes by. Trains several top youth riders just like Shannon Niday does.

If you are looking for places to ride visit this site.

They have a track listing, and tracks post their practice schedule there. North Texas (Dallas / Fort Worth area) has about 7-8 tracks that are very nice. If you want more details PM me, and I will give you my number. We can discuss in more detail.

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