USA Version carb top

I recently removed the PAIR value and decided to order a carb top from the thumpertalk store. I was under the impression that the USA version didnt have the nipple that needs to be blocked?

yet the one that has turned up has it. balls...

Do they have two different models?


US versions do not have the nipple on the carb top for the solenoid valve. Just a blank top cover. How about some pictures of your original cover and the one you got as a replacement.

just block it off, rather than but a new carb top

I blocked mine by tapping an M6 thread in the hole and sealing it with a short bolt with a washer under the head and the threads smeared in RTV gasket

Well turns out i found out why everyone says run a thread tap first!!!

I went and dipped my m6 bolt in rtv and screwed it in.

Well at least i have a spare top!


WJ , I also bought the american carb top for my doorstop . I found out through some research andquestioning on here that you have to order the 2005 model parts . The TT site only showed the Eu/AUS top , but another member told me to check out he ealier parts lists , greg

Thanks if i ness up the second top i will give them a call to make sure.

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