Vet friendly MX tracks in Southeast


Anyone know of some Vet friendly MX tracks in the Southeast?

Just picked up a 250f and am trying to make some weekend trips to ride and practice.

Any help would be appreciated.



Aonia pass in Washington GA. Its fast but rider friendly.

Big Nasty ATV/MX is in Pooler, Ga right outside of Savannah. Has a big mx track which is good for beginners all the way up to expert. Also has a small mx track for kids and beginners. If you mean "Vet" friendly as in veteran it offers a military discount. You just have to ask at the gate. With the discount it's like $15 to ride all day and without it's $20.

Outback Motorsports Complex in Laurinburg NC (close to the SC border kinda near the coast). Sand track w/rollable tabletops, I rode my KTM 200XC w/full enduro gear & trials tire there Saturday. Just don't chop the throttle over a kicker.

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