Best upgrade you ever got for your bike

Just wondering what was the best upgrade you ever got for your bike?

In my case I had my front shocks tuned and it was the best upgrade ever.

Suspension for sure.

Suspenion revalve....

Steering dampener is up there

I have to start with new tires.

Then, tuned suspension.

Derestricted airbox, aftermarket header & muffler, re-jetting

Lightweight Shorai battery (for e-starts)

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selling my fourstroke and buying a 2 stroke

but seriously suspension

tires and gearing, suspension .but none of that will do you good if you out of shape .

Big bore kit & flywheel wt. I have always beem a bottom end guy. :ride:

Flywheel wt for the 2 stoke.

SS valves and high compression piston for 4 stroke.

When I sold it and it got a better rider. Lol.... But really, suspension is almost always your best option. A big bore and porting really did a number on it too though...

Pink hand grips

Either my grip donuts or bar pad.

In all honestly suspension and correct bars for my height.

Big bore kit & flywheel wt. I have always beem a bottom end guy. :ride:

So you don't like going fast in other words.... :p haha just kidding!

To answer your question, people order diet cokes when they are diabetic. Doesn't help much though lol.

I've always wanted to get my suspension done but I've heard sooooo many stories of people that plunk down the grand and say it's either worse or they can't tell a difference. It's always scared me away from going for it....

So for me it's new tires, correct bars, large foot pegs

Another vote for suspension tuned for my weight. Just bought a Scotts though it may oust suspension for first place.

Suspension first ... Scotts damper after suspension set up

have only gotten to try it briefly in a yard since its winter time (was 60 one day oddly)....but im gonna go out on a limb and say the rekluse. Next winter may trump it if i decide to keep this bike and get an athena kit.

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