First KTM. 200xc/w or 250xc?

I'm looking to pick up my first KTM and have been eyeing a newer 200XC/W however for the life of me I can't find any used newer 200 models in my area. I really don't want to pay the $ for a new 2013 however I did come across a 2008 250XC which is in good condition for $2800. I really like the 200 but looking stat for stat the 250 is only a smidge longer (official engineering term) and 8lbs heavier. I was wondering what y'all think or recommend?

Just FYI, I'm coming off a '04 CRF250X and am a D level rider (trying to get faster in the woods this year) and ride mostly local hare scrambles. I have a short inseam so whatever I get I will be getting the suspension lowered.


I have been riding on a 2006 250 XC-W for the past 14 months and absolutely love does everything and more. The suspension was tuned for a heavier guy than me so I simply dialed it down via clickers and made it more appropriate for my frame. I plan to go up on the back sprocket from a 50 to 51 (maybe a 52) to shore up that gap between first and second gear. It is not that big of a deal except that I really scream first gear in the tight stuff and might find second gear more useful by making the change.

Last June I picked up a low-cost older (2002) KTM200 EXC in order to have a "guest" bike on hand for my friends whose wives would not let them buy one or similar reasoning lol. I spent months trying to dial in the 200's tuning, which is not a KTM issue, it is just why this bike came to me super cheap. I have finally gotten things how I want them and after doing so many test rides along the way, I noticed I really favor this 200 over the 250. I certainly did not expect that to happen since I have been a 250 guy for decades.

But it is an amazing bike, I can only imagine how amazing a newer one could be but just have not had an opportunity to get on one. It is very light and nimble, which for me being an older rider, and weighing 200# I want all the advantages I can find. I guess right now, I will ride either one and be happy to be on it. I don't think you will be regretful either way you go because they both deliver and are both a ton o fun. The 250 is a tad more powerful, most of my tight stuff is in first gear. On the 200 all the tight stuff is in second gear...rarely touch first if at all. Probably if I have them both geared to my liking, I might not be able to tell them apart as far as likeability.

How heavy are you? Under 175lbs I wouldn't hesitate on a 200

get the 200 for the hike a bike trails. get a 250 for more flowing, less constricted rapid turn trails.

There is a reason you can't find any 200's used in your area. People love them too much to sell them. If you are a D level rider and coming from a 250x I think the 200 would be a good transition for you. I think that jumping straight to a 250xc is going to be a big jump especially if you have no 2 stroke experience.

There is a reason you can't find any 200's used in your area. People love them too much to sell them. If you are a D level rider and coming from a 250x I think the 200 would be a good transition for you. I think that jumping straight to a 250xc is going to be a big jump especially if you have no 2 stroke experience.

I agree. There is something to be said for making the progress up the ladder in size. Nothing wrong with the 250XC, it is just a good bit more bike to handle.

Weight shouldn't even enter the equation.

Power can be intimidating for novice riders, and can actually hinder skill development more than help. The 200 can be pipey, but the later models are much more tame and they all are tune-able.

The 200 is a good transition from a 250F if you can find one.

Thing is, if you kind of had your mind made up on the 200, and you buy a 250, will you have that "what if" in your head 6 months down the road. Go with your instincts and be patient. Both bikes will put smiles on your face, but will you be looking back if you take the "other" fork?

Well purely random luck I got a call about an hour ago about a guy selling a 2011 200 XCW. I'm pretty much going to go for it if he commits to selling as I like his price however here's my only concern. The guy has about 180hrs on it he thinks? Cable from the Odometer to the PC broke after the first 98 hours and he never got it fixed but rode it about the same amount in the second year as the first ... hence the 180hr estimate. He's has 1 top end redone but can't recall how long ago. Picking this up, what do I have to look forward to with maintenance? How much is a rebuild on a 2t?

$150 for new top end. 180 ain`t bad but ain`t mint. pay accordingly.

It will most likely need a new top end which is no big deal and depending on how well it was taken care of it may need a bottom end in the near future

The 200 is great bike but some are putting it as a far less powerful bike than a 250, the 200s are pritty explosive on the power delivery side compaired to the 250s and imo harder to ride but in turn can be mellowed out. I ride upper B/A level CC/HS. The 250s have more top end up to ther the 200s are a bit more of a hand full.

I made the same switch you did and for the most part i havent looked back.

It was way too easy to be lazy on the thumper so this one will keep you on your toes.

I would reccomend setting the power valve to hit a bit later in the rpm range to mellow it out a bit.

My prediction is that you will have an un-removable, shit eating grin once ya ride the 200 :)

If you can handle the 200 you can handle the 250 and save some coin too.

Are the ergo's the same on the newer 200 and 250? I'm asking as a 6'4 guy, that needs some standing room.

My opinion is if you are 6'4" you will want the 250. I am 6'1" and I rode 200's for several years and just never realy felt that comfortable. Now I have an 08 300 xcw and a 13 300 xcw and I am so much more comfortable on the bigger chassis. I could never stand up on the 200, I felt hunch backed. If the 250 power is a little scairy, the power valve on the 250/300 is amazingly adjustable and also extremely quick and easy to adjust. You can make it hit hard or not hit at all. I really like the bigger bikes for me and I know I am much faster on them because I have more confidence on them.

Over 6' at least 250cc. I recommend a 300cc. you always will get used to the power. Think 300 gives more tunability and range in ur gearing.

You should try to ride a 300 first. Different bike and bigger frame. Different power range. Try it.

The OP is short, not tall!

Lets put it this way..inseam is 29" so yeah...short legs.

Somehow I got confused reading the replies.... forgot short inseam... lol dooh.. :/

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