Hi I was out on my wr450f 05 model put it away week later got it out got two mins down the road she cut out started back up didn't get far cut out now won't start again if it does couple of secs max or wil backfire now and then , any ideas on what to do the key way is good the earth is good put a new batery on cheers

Clean the carb. The gas can you use to put gas in it, make sure it has a screen. Should be good to go.

How many hours on it?

Have you ever changed the timing chain and tensioner?

Piston was done two rides ago along with timing chain and carb was cleaned , I'm new to bikes what is the gas can that should have screen init thanks

Ah u mean fuel can lol

You have to remember, we speak American and you speak English!!

You say the carb was 'cleaned': hopefully you did not use Auto Carb cleaner, as it will destroy the rubber seals inside.

Does it start?

Does it idle?

Does it run better with the choke or hot start?

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