GYTR cold weather map

Looking for a good cold weather map or a good starting point for a cold weather map for a 2010 YZF450 that is used for ice riding... Would prefer more of a mid and top end map and I see most of the maps for the GYTR tuners take fuel and give timing which worries me with the very cold temps this bike will be used in... Even a phone number or someone I could call to point me in the correct direction would be appreciated...

The EFI system on the YZ450 uses information from a coolant temp sensor and an intake air sensor to compensate the base map (whatever that map might be) for temperature. The problem that comes with real winter riding (like with snow and all that shit) is that the cooling system has no thermostat, and was built to be able to stay ahead of the engine heat in the summer in Texas. The result is that the bikes run very rich in an ice racing type of environment. One of the easiest cures for it is to cover one of the radiators (65-100% coverage) so as to block the air flow, then just run a good map like the Marmont map.

There is a recent thread on this same subject with responses from owners who use their bikes for ice racing. Run a search for it.

I thank you much for the info and hoping you could help me with a bit more... I did have one radiator blocked off about 80% and the bike only reached 155 degrees... So this time out 100% of one radiator will be covered but have I have different opinions on what a good temp is to run this bike at... Any opinions??? I am looking for a bit more top end as it is very very linear which is nice but would sacrifice some for a bit more top end... Do you think the Marmont would help me there??? Again thanx much for the time and info...

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