Can i get some input on my new lighting setup. 2006 yz450f

I ended up going with a pro-racing stator after trying electrosport and recieving a defective unit! i believe it is a 50w stator, but not sure. This stator was built so much better than the electrosport! Got the rectifier from pro-racing too. went with a werker WKA12-5.1A (12v 5.1 ah) battery because i was tight on space and hadn't deviced a mounting scheme yet. ended up cutting the plastic on the bottom of the seat and removing about a inch of foam and used strapping to mount the battery...cant even notice the battery is there when you bounce on the seat. I went and bought a 35w headlamp from autozone and mounted on top of the number plate using a screw that was used to hold the plastics on. I just have a random toggle switch right now, but will be getting a better one soon. could you look at my wiring diagram and let me know if it looks good ( not the best with electronics ), my goal is to charge the battery and hopefully get 2-3 hours of night riding out of it before it is just running on the weak stator power (which works well at 3/4 to WOT, but thats it). I know that converting from ac to dc allot of power is lost and the bike draws some too.....Comments or suggestions would be helpful, i have not went on a ride yet....

stator + rectifier = approx $280 (cant't quite remember)



wiring ect...= $25

switch= found in junk drawer

strapping= $3

tags: yz yzf yz450 yz450f 450 yamaha dirtbike light setup proracing pro-racing electrosport baja enduro 2004 2005 2006 watts stator









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It'll be interesting to see how long that stator will last.

I was under the impression that WR parts had to be swapped-in for a lighting system to work on the 06-09 YZ450fs. I'm intrigued.

Not sure why you want the light mounted so high though. Why not move it down closer to the fender? Also, you might get more battery life if you use an LED light.


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pro-racing makes the stator and i have heard good review about how long they last. I dont know about the wr parts at all, the yz just doesnt have much room to get a powerfull stator in there. without a battery the light is full power at 1/2 to WOT, but below that it gets very dim. i do like your mount lower and that looks like a bright nice light. is that a custom mount? how much is an LED light and do they push out very far... i was under the impression that LED was bright but not good for light was only $20 at autozone...kind of a test light to see if 35w was enough.

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