what time does it get too dark to ride there?

here in NH, it is frickin dark by 4:20pm. It blows to get out of work at 3pm, drive 50 minutes home, and see the sun disappearing on the horizon!! :D

This northern hemisphere really rots!!

Since I submitted my resignation at my job and my intention is to move BACK to (Harrisburg area) Pennsylvania, my days will get a little longer.

BUT, the BIG thing is here in New England, there are only a handful of MX tracks from CT to Maine. AMA District 6, there are a BUNCH!!

Now, I have to decide if I will be racing a CRF450, YZF450 or a YZ or RM 2 stroke...!!!??? :):D :D

That is why we have headlights! If you know the trail well you can rip along at night. We often go on night rides when camping and riding all weekend. :)

You should try it up here. It's dark at 4pm and gets light at 9am. But in the summer I can ride untill 1am and never need my headlight. :) Oh well thats why I have a snowmachine for the winter.

It's pretty dark in Pittsburgh at 5:15 pm.

Spring down here, just getting dark at 8:30 pm

If you want to ride past 16:30 here in the Great White North you better have a good headlight and a helmet light.

The snow is holding off but the weather channel is saying the white stuff is on the way.

That's ok though because the skis are waxed :)

willy fitz

That is why we have headlights!

I'm with you Dan. Night ridding is a blast for the headlight crowd. If you have never single tracked at night you dont know what you are missing.

It is dark here by 6:00 right now.

Down here its dark at 6:00 with masquitos as thick as the air. :)

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