Front Brake Problem

<font color="navy">I'll keep this topic focused. I must have hit something this weekend riding that broke the floating mount on the front caliper. I've looked at the Yamaha of Troy and PartsFish microfiches but they're showing the mount as a part of the entire caliper($200}. Could ya help me out in finding this part? I'd rather not buy the entire caliper(or aftermarket) if I don't have to. I'm happy with the Nissan unit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx

I highlighted the part I'm talking about...


If the photo doesn't show up, right click the red X in the box then click "Show Picture"... it should appear.

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I've got the fiche card for your bike. I'll check it when I get home and let you know if there's a separate part number. If not, we can always re-TIG hole and I'll digitize mine or my brothers for exact hole location. At that point we can use CNC or vertical mill (aka Bridgeport) to precisely drill and tap hole.

If you go to an oversized rotor kit, it should come with the part you need. Just another option.

<font color="navy">Yzmann, here's another reason for my Dad to buy a good Bridgeport :) . Again, I would rather not have to buy an entire new brake system over this piece. My last resort will be doing just what yzmann says...TIG welding the hole, drilling, and tapping.

Thanx again. Any more?

You can buy a oversized rotor from EBC for around $140.00. I know that seems high just to solve your problem, but I just put one on my bike and it will also really help you stop. Just an option.

<font color="navy">I just got the front end back together. I decided to go with the EBC oversized rotor, as candlkirk and my Dad's buddy/owner of Magic Racing suggested. It came with the mount that I needed. $135 for the larger rotor, mount, and new brake pads. Not all that bad considering that my stopping power should be greater than before.

I'm going riding tomorrow so I'll get to see if it really makes a difference or not. Its about 30mm larger in diameter than the 426 stocker. The rotor is monsterous compared to the disc on my Dad's KTM 520. I'm hoping I can try a few front wheel stands now. Dad says if I can do a front wheel stand, he's going to buy one too. :D Like son, like father. :)


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