What gearing to use for dunes?

I am going to be taking my 2010 yz450f to the dunes in march and want to know what gearing to use. The wheel that my paddle is mounted on has a 50 tooth sprocket and the stock gearing of the bike is 13 front 48 rear. Should I get a different rear sprocket?

46 rear if you can find one. do not use the 50, i used a 48 and was in 5th gear all the time.

What's wrong with a 50 tooth? I use one on my 07 and it worked fine for me.. just sayin

I used a 50 on my yz250f and it worked pretty good but i did have to shift quite a bit. I'm going to use a 48 on the 450.

I've been using a 13-51 combo on my 09 450 and love it for Juniper Dunes in Washington State. 50 would be the smallest rear sprocket I would consider using IMHO

I run a 13/48 everywhere.

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