msr raptor lever

in all of my catalogs, the msr raptor perch and clutch lever assembly says "will not fit yz 426" but i have heard of people using them. what is the truth and what does it take to make one fit?

i put one on my 426 last year... took it off in about 3 rides... didnt like the lever shape & the feel it gave of my clutch in the "easy" position... decided just to keep my clutch cable lubed up


I just installed one a week ago. Noticed a big difference while riding the bike. I really like it. They do have two levers. Conventional and shorty. As far as it not fitting, I'm not sure why they would say that. The perch is condusive to the handlebars. I did have to get a set of pliers to get the cable in the easiest setting but wasn't too bad. If you want to buy it, purchase it at a store that will let you return it if you can't get it to work.

I have been using the raptor in the 'easy pull' position for about 4 months.

I just put the stocker back on last week. The raptor made the pull much easier but it lengthened the travel too much for me and I had to pull the lever nearly to the bar in order to disengage the clutch. I put the stocker back on so I can clutch/brake tap in the air easier.

Dave S

DaveS, did you change the cable adjuster that's mounted on the engine casing to try and get your clutch pull out where you like it? I recently bought one of these levers and I'm at a point where I can't get the clutch to disengage, even pulled in all the way. I'm still trying to fiddle with both adjusters to get it work cuz I really like the easier pull option (but I won't use it if I have to use all 4 fingers and pull it to 'til it touches the bar).

thats the issue i had... the lever almost had to be at the bar to disengage the clutch.

you might want to try the yamaha XT lever or whatever it is.. it has a improved leverage ratio ..

go to yamahas site & look at dirt bike accessories... its pretty cheap too


I installed the Raptor in about 5 minutes, the only adjustments I had to make were with adjuster on the perch.

If I set the free play to almost nothing, I could disengage the clutch with my two smallest fingers still on the bars but as the clutch heats up / wears it just wouldnt work reliably without pulling the lever to the bar. Thats why I ditched it.

Definately reduces the pull though.

I am fine with the stock lever now but if I wasnt I would either try the cr lever or cut and extend the actuating arm on the other end of the cable for a slightly increased mechanical advantage.

In anycase, keep the cable clean and lubed and DONT hit it with the power washer water will cause rust and corrosion inside the housing that will make your pull VERY HARD.

Dave S

I run a CR reduced pull lever (they say 30%)available from Mr.X 800-536-6680 it comes with perch,I use a Pro-Circuit E-Z adjust; expensive but sweet. I also lube the cable every ride.

I have had 125 guy's marvel at how light my clutch pull is. My 426 will also start in gear with this setup. I compared it to a magura last weekend and thought my pull was lighter.

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