Hard (or impossible) starting when warm.......

Here's my story.

I bought my '99 recently and it had a bad stumble in the mid RPM's. So, I did a rough carb clean and installed the JD jet kit. Problem remained.

With help from the jetting forum, I checked my valves to find that the intake were tight, so I adjusted them and did the YZ timing at the same time. I also moved my needle to the 4th clip position.

After these changes I got the bike started, but it died while warming up and I could never get it restatrted. Then when it was completly cold (several days passed) it started 2nd kick!

I just got back from the dunes. It started up fine when COLD and ran great. I stalled once, used the hot start and got it started after about 5 kicks. BUT if the bike sits for an little while, there is no starting it. It won't even try.....

It's like it either has to be completely cold or started immediately after stalled or it's just not gonna happen.

After reading old posts I'm thinking my remote hot start is not working properly. Now that I think about it, I did ride shortly with it on and the bike seemed to run okay. How can I test the hot start?

Also I am going to check my accel pump and float level. Does anyone have some other advise for me. I appreciate any and all comments.


Make sure you are not twisting the trottle a little when kicking it(lot's of 2smoke guys do). Turn the fuel screw clockwise by 1/4 at a time, it has to help...

I'm aware that no throttle is needed, and do my best to not give it any. I'll try adjusting the fuel screw. Thanks.

Note: I've got the Terry Cable hot start system if that helps.

There was a local race who had issues with his remote hot start. If I remember correctly, something about one of the o-rings associated with it on the carb. I think there has been some other bad press on the remote start as well. I am new to blue, so my knowledge is limited. My properly jetted '02 WR starts incredibly well, hot, cold, or tumbled down a hill.

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