07 Yz450 stator voltage

Bike was running great, then it just shut off. T/shot & found no spark to coil, bussed harness & when I kick it over no voltage from stator connector, does any one know what the voltage shud be? Thinking about getting the stator tested & rewound. Any thoughts anyone?

If you pull the leads from the stator and read them with a DC voltmeter, it will read 0 because it's an AC generator, properly called a magneto. If you don't have a VOM capable of measuring AC, test the voltage at the output lead of the regulator/rectifier (disconnect the rectifier, ground the black from the rectifier, and read DC at the red from the rectifier. I'd imagine it should be at least 10 VDC while cranking. perform the resistance checks outlined in the manual

The manual outlines continuity tests for the stator, not voltage. Follow that procedure.

Edit: for some reason, when I looked at this post, I was thinking of an EFI bike. Note that the '07 does not have a rectifier/regulator

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answer given for wrong model

Thanks for the help, I was measuring AC on the multimeters & I got nothing. The bike has always ran great, this last time I was riding good having fun & it just shut off. I have no voltage to the coil all of a sudden. My local shop told me the CDI unit almost never fails, so I've just been buzzing back the wires trying to find a fault. When I kick it over I get nothing from the mag. Trying to T/S my self to save from taking it to the shop so any help will be a lifesaver. I'll refrence the shop book & see if I can make heads or tails of it, any more advice you have on the subject will be greatly appreciated, thanks for the help!!

I would use an ohm meter to test the stator as the manual describes. If it test ok, you can test the coil as stated in the manual. You can also take just the coil to a local shop. Most shops have universal coil testers. If you test everything and think it may be the cdi, let me know. I have one from my 08 you can try.

Error: for some reason, when I looked at this post, I was thinking of an EFI bike. Note that the '07 does not have a rectifier/regulator.

thanks guys, ya greyracer I was wondering about that now it makes sense the EFI that is. I T/S as the manual describes measuring ohms instead of voltage and everything measured correct besides the source coil pick up pins on the connector coming from the magneto. The manual states, Source coil 1 resistance 720 - 1,080 Ω and I/m getting 10 ohms. So I/m pretty confident that I need to fix or replace the magneto, or see if I can get that source coil replaced, I have measured everything else in the harness and everything comes back correct like the manual states. Thanks for all the help gentleman I really appreciate it. Till next time!

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Hi dirtguy83, I already had stator problems with my 07 450. You've been lucky to not get hurt by this failure. My bike stopped right in the pitch of a jump.

I replaced the part by a jobber one and 4 or 5 weeks later it failed again. Then I reinstalled a Yam part and never had problems with it.

Go for the yamaha part, IMO your secuity worth the extra dollars.


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