Lowering DR650

Does anyone have the instructions for lowering a 2000 DR650? I don't have a shop manual, or owners manual and want to try this setup. Guess I'd want to do both front and back to keep in sitting right.


Hi You have two positions on your rear shock for the lower mounting bolt to go through just go with the upper one.

for the front you have a steel spacer just under the fork cap. You must remove it and place it under the damper rod piston. This will require removal and disassembly of the front forks. This also will make your jesse@rvi.net kick stand pretty much unusable but Suzuki makes the shorter kick stand for the 650 that has this modification I am not sure if it comes with the bike when bought new. Hope this helps feel free to contact me any time.

So the rear seems pretty simple, I see that hole, shouldn't be too difficult to handle that. On the front fork, I remove both fork caps, they'll be a spacer on top. Remove that, THEN? I'm not sure about how to go about putting in under the damper rod. How do I get there?

Thanks for any help,

Dave H

Hi Dave, This requires removal of the fork and disassembly.

Probably a job for the Dealer or bike shop. The damper rod can be accessed by removing the bolt in the bottom of the fork. But first you will have to remove the cap and spring dump all the oil out. Removing the bolt at the bottom is complicated by the damper rod spinning inside the fork. A tool is needed to go into the top and engage the damper rod piston that has an internal hex that the tool will lock into

while you are removing the bolt at the bottom of the fork. Once this bolt is removed the damper rod can be pulled out and the spacer can be placed on the rod and slid up under the piston followed by a short topout spring then reassembled. Be sure to keep track of the copper sealing washer on the bottom bolt then torque the bottom bolt and fill with new fluid

with the fork fully collapsed and spring out. Use 15wt this will give you a little more static rebound. Fill to 5 inches from the top of the fork. Then extend the fork and install the spring and cap. This is the general process for the user or what the shop will do whichever you choose. As I said before now your kickstand will be too long so it will have to be either cut off and the plate rewlded to the bottom or get the factory shorter one. Hope this is clear enough for you......jesse@rvi.net

OH, it's clear enough for me, clear enough to know I'll need to take your advice in the third sentence, 'Job for my Dealer'. Thanks for taking the time to explain how that goes together.

I'm not 100% sure I want to do this, I got the bike with some super suspension work, new springs, etc, and I don't want to undo the benefits. I might try just dropping the forks a little in the sliders, just to see how I like it before doing a whole dissasembly.

Thanks again,


When you order the shorter Suzuki sidestand, it comes with a piece that goes on the rear shock when changing holes. I don't know if they also include anything else with it, as I had my dealer do the lowering. Also, the Suzuki gel seat lowers a little more, too -- supposedly another inch or so.

I lowered my wifes '02 650 front and rear. The front I just slide up the tripple clamps until it felt right. About 1 1/4". She doesn't ride good enough to bottom the suspension into the fender. If you want to try it this way take the fork springs out and slide the forks up wihtout the springs until they stop. Add about 1/2" for the bottoming spring to compress. Mark that point and slide the fork tubes up into the tripple clamp until that point would touch the fender. That will be as low as you can go with ths method. Otherwise you have to take them apart.

Does the shorty side stand fit pre 96 models? :)

Does the shorty side stand fit pre 96 models? :)

Call a dealer and ask the parts dept. guys.

Sure thing...I'm in a foul mood with the local Suzi dealer but I guess I can go in again if I avoid looking at the mechanics :)

So, you don't trust them either, I gather....I worry whenever a bike is in there for service. Jeez.

Just call the parts guys on the phone, maybe.

Nope, I don't trust them. I booked my bike in to get 17" rims laced to my hubs. The agreed time was a week away and I was told it would take a week. Soo...a week later I roll up and drop off the bike. A week after that I ring to ask how the job is going and they say they are waiting for the rims to turn up :) After 3 weeks I find out the newly built wheels won't go in the swingarm PURELY BECAUSE THEY GOT THE OFFSET WRONG!! I went in and picked up the wheels and drove to the wheel builder myself with the wheels, which the mechanic said needed another 8mm offset in a particular direction (which he marked on the hub). In the end, after 4 WEEKS at the shop and many many phone calls to the shop manager and general manager I'm told my bike is ready.

I went in, shelled out the $$$$$ and rode out as fast as I could. 100m down the road I notice a weird noise and it turns out they new rear tyre is chewing its way thru the chain guard. The mechanics have even offset the snails to try and disguise the problem. I took it back and they said it was OK, so I ended up going out to the wheel builder and paying more money to get the offset correct.

Very very poor... :D :D :D

Typing all that brought the issue to a head and I ended up contacting the general manager for all those particular Suzuki franchises...he's looking into it and told me the workshop manager has been sacked. :)

Lacing wheels is a tricky job, and is easy to make mistakes -- check your spokes for tightness after every ride, to be sure they aren't getting loose, because if they get loose, they can start breaking while riding, which is no fun if you happen to be going real fast at the time -- or coming off a big jump (ouch).

So how much does the dealer charge to lower the DR650? I'm thinking of having mine done.


Michael :)

I lowered my DR when I first got it but have since raised it back to normal height. I have a leftover short kickstand I would sell to anyone who needs it. I got it from Dual Star. Email me off the list if interested,


I am thinking of buying a DR650 and lowering for my wife. What would be the difference in sliding the tubes up in the clamps vs changing the internal spacer. It looks like there is room to slide them up 1.6"


My local dealer just slides the forks up through the clamps instead of going inside and changing the disc,or fliping it like Suzuki says to do if I remember correctly.

By just sliding the clamps it doesn't really change the suspension,it's easy to do yourself,and can be changed back in minutes.

Lowering the rear is as simple as swapping out the shorter kickstand and dropping the rear shock one bolt hole.

That to you can do your self.These two changes only cost about $45.00 for the cost of the shortened stand. Adding a gel seat at about $130-$150 will lower it another 1 1/4" for a total of 3".

Most people can sit flat footed with the resulting seat height around 30".(as my wife,5'6",does on her XR100 with its 30" saddle).

Dealer in Stuart, Fl......$450.00



It must be nice to own a newer model DR650, where you can just swap bolt holes and get a different kickstand to lower bike height. What about a 92' model? I've already shaved the hell out of the seat. I've heard mention of changing the rear suspension bones with longer ones, but where do you get these, is there some sort of kit? I need another inch to get the bike where I can be comfortable and safe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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