p-38 mod

anyone tried the p38 carb mod on their 400 yet, it looks just like the bk mod but havin a 99, cant do that , so was wonderin if this would be a good solution

i tried the p-38 and the bog got worse but after tring some diffent jets and fuel screw settings i did finly get it better than stock .but just for kicks i tried rejetting with out the p-38 and got better results ,the bog is gone now even when the throtle is wacked wide open but this was on a modified bike so maybe the p-38 will work better on a stock bike.

I have the P-38 on my '99. The thing freakin rips.

What is the P-38?


I think it's that little can opener the give you when you join the Army.

P-38 mod:


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