Motoworks exhaust. Anybody tried it yet?

Just curious about the motoworks system for the 10-13 yz450f. Their price is really low compared to most other companys and from what I can gather they are very nice quality and have good performance gains. Also, made in the USA! They have dyno charts, but only for quads which doesn't help me much lol. Anyone have any experience with this system or this company at all?

I've been a FMF man for years but after folding my Q4 I decided to try out a Motoworks system. The Motoworks system is IMO a nicer product. It's very well made, fit together better than my Q4/powerbomb and it broadened the power curve nicely. I was so impressed that I recently put one on my 450 too.

My friend had one on his old LTZ400 quad and honestly it really bumped up the power, looked good and sounded really good.

The pipe was awesome, I'd imagine it's only improved over the years and would do the same for the yzf,

I got a hold of them and they sent me a dyno graph today. It looks pretty good for the money! The only part that I wasn't a fan of is the torque and HP are lower off the bottom when you nail it. I'm thinking that will reduce that bottom end hit though. From looking at their graph it looks like a good deal to me!


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