skid plate questions

I'm looking to buy a skid plate for my 01. What I'm trying to find out who makes the best fitting, looking, and most protective skid plate. Thanks for your help. :)

Don't the '01's come with a skid plate. The '02's do and I was sure the '01's did as well.

If not, then just search the web for a couple of brands. I don't think looks will be much of an issue because they stay covered up with dirt when you ride. Plus nobody ever sees them. Hell, I think a lot of people get a machine shop to cut them a piece of metal and weld it to the frame. Course I like the ones that bolt on so you can take them off to clean the bottom of the bike every so often.

Rocky Mountain Cylcle carries one made by Utah Sport Cycle it is 60 bucks and is very protective and it used stock mounting holes no brackets!! It is very protective but it looks a bit tacky. I settled for it since I live in the Rocky Mountains and had about 5 dents in my 02 after about 5 rides. The plate is definetly worth the money.

I have the Moose, which is the same as the one. I also like the WER skid plate.

With doing the hare scrambles lately thay have been throwing in a lot of logs to cross. And the stock GLIDE plate is just not doing the job. So far I've been lucky I have not dinted the frame as of yet. does the utah sport come with foam to feep the mud out?

Hey Pat,

I run the White Bros plate and love it. It was a clean fit with great protection for the engine and frame. It is the one I recommend. I have given it a beating at Chadwick.

I have a '01 and mine came with a skid plate. It seems to be working pretty well. I've bottomed out into logs a few times and haven't dented anything. Good luck!!


I got the Utah Sport Cycle and so far very happy with it. $60 from Rocky Mountain. Didn't come with foam, but it really doesn't need it IMO. The clearance is very close and not much room to get stuff in there. I've had mine pretty loaded with mud and surprisingly not a lot of it got under the enging. It uses the stock mounts plus two other frame mounts and it comes up real high in front almost to the oil drain plug.

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