Devol Skid Plate Owners

How many bolts washers and rubber bushings did yours come with? Mine only came with 3, but there are 4 holes? Were you able to keep your old guards on, or did you have to remove them?

Mounted mine yesterday, the top hole doesn't use them, it uses the stock bolt. I used the bolts/bushings in the three bottom holes. Leave the top loose, put the 2 middle ones in and leave them loose and install the back bolt, I was able to put the bushing in place thru the oil drain slot....tighten everything and you're done! :)

I pulled the stock guards, but it looks like you could leave them in place....but why?

Yeah, my Devol skid plate required using the original screw for the top mounting hole (original plastic guard removed).

Just for the record, I replaced my Devol skid plate a couple weeks ago with a WB skid plate I purchased on Shop TT. Very nice, sturdy unit and was very easy to install (included a fresh screw for that top mounting hole).

The Devol was a bit more difficult to install and was made out of approx. 1/8" material whereas the sturdier ones (like the WB) are more like 3/16". My Devol skid plate looked a bit like a pie tin hammered up around the underside of my frame after two years of use. Also, for some reason my Devol only had a wing on the left side and the water pump guard on the right side has taken some nasty hits due to this. :)

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