2004 wr450 lighting issue

HI all fellow riders first time poster here. I have a question to ask

Anyone that can help. I have a 2004 wr450f and put her away for the winter all good.

Decided I should get her out today and give a once over ready for the better weather.

Once I finally got her started I realised I had no lights working except the ignition led.

I charged the battery but that was fine anyway. Now im definitely not an electrical guru.

Could anybody shed some light my way as too what a rectifier, stator, lighting coil does

As id like to understand how it all works I.e why lights only work with engine running etc.

I must figure out my lighting issue as I wanna do abit off greenlaning.

Many thanks for looking.

The stator and lighting coil are all encompassed into one unit within the LH side case. It's a dual phase generator coil (most people know it as a Alternator on a car). If you were to modify your stator or as we know it as "floating the ground" you can make one large high current output. What the rectifier does is it takes the oscillating power output from the coil and makes a steady output of 12-14 volts DC for the bike to run. Now, here's what you need to know. If the voltage regulator goes, it can't hold back the amount of power the bike can produce which as a result will blow the bulbs in the system because they are most sensitive to high power outputs.

Chances are, if you get the bike running and you hook up a volt meter to the two pins on the headlight connector (AC measurement scale), you'll see around 12 vAC at idle, and as soon as you raise the throttle, it'll jump to somewhere near 24 vAC. This is a good indication that your voltage regulator is unserviceable. If you hook up the volt meter with the bike running and there isn't any voltage, then your coil has gone bad or you've got an open (broken wire) somewhere in the system.

Hopefully this helps you out.

You said you were just taking it out of storage? It worked when it went in? I have 2 more Questions to make you think. Could a mouse have found some tasty wires? Could it have had some moisture in the connectors that assisted in corroding then? These are the questions I would want to look at first. Good Luck.

Many thanks for getting back to me guys. Will have to have another look at weekend as weather is crap.

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