New clutch plate question with rekluse

I have a 2009 YZ450f and I have the rekluse exp. I was going to replace my clutch it seems to be slipping a little. I am debating what all I need to replace and what brand. I am not sure if I can just get the friction plates or if it would be better to get new steel also. I know I need to look at the plates and inspect them i just haven't had the time to tear the bike apart since I have been racing a bunch. I am also wondering if anyone has used the rekuse clutch pack. They claim longer life than oem. Or if I should just get oem or another brand. My plan is to order all the parts I think I need and then take it apart and replace everything all at once.

Stock frictions will work fine. I have heard Rekluse are good as well.

If you get a Z start Pro you will have to get Rekluse steels, they're different, and should come with it.

Don't use generic or bargain brand clutch plates with the Rekluse. You'll have too many little BS problems with them and drive yourself nuts. Stick with OEM Yamaha, or use a premium set like Rekluse's own, Hinson, or GYT-R .

Grey is do you think there is a best option to use in conjunction with the rekluse and any that have a proven longevity over the others.

Is it also normally essential to get friction and steel together?

You have to consider functionality as well, specifically whether the plates will engage and release smoothly, and how completely they will release when disengaged. When they don't release cleanly, you have clutch drag issues at idle, and difficulty in finding neutral. When they don't engage smoothly, the clutch gets grabby, and the principal advantage of the Rekluse is diminished.

There probably is a "best option", but since I haven't tried every one that would be worth using, I can't say what that would be. I had a full Hinson in my '03 the entire time I owned the bike (4 years) without so much as looking at it, and it worked perfectly the whole time. Wasn't a Rekluse, but it wasn't babied, either. When I installed the Rekluse in my '06, I did so using the 5 year old OEM friction plates and the same steels I got with the used Z-Start Pro. That lasted a year before I decided to freshen it up with new plates (to make it release better).

The steel and friction plates can be replaced independently of each other as long as the ones that go into the bike are in good condition. If your steels are still at the spec'd thickness, and still FLAT, you can reuse them, but they work best when new.

Thanks grey. My rekluse is pulling slightly at idle that is why I was thinking it was time for new plates.

If it does that while releasing automatically, but releases clean with the lever pulled in, you might only need to adjust the springs in the EXP ring to set up a higher engagement point. It is somewhat normal for the clutch to drag a bit at idle on its own as compared to releasing the clutch manually, though. "Normal" I would say is when neutral is hard to find with the lever released at idle, but OK with the lever pulled in.

If pulling the lever doesn't make any difference, it's almost certainly time for plates.

Thanks I did not even think about that. I only have the medium engagement springs in. I can go to the stiffer ones and possibly not need the clutch yet.

That's true only if pulling the lever in makes a big difference.

Make sure the idle speed hasn't changed, slightly too high and the clutch will drag.

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