I went orange!

Orange, but not KTM!

What do you think?



[ November 05, 2001: Message edited by: flyinguitars ]yz4a.jpg?mtbrand=AOL_US

[ November 05, 2001: Message edited by: flyinguitars ]

The bike looks good but you need to clean up your garage!!!!

flyinguitars, looks awesome. I didn't think that it would look that good! How much did it set you back and where did you get it?

It would look really trick if you powdercoated your frame charcoal grey this winter!

BTW - my garage is way messier :)

[ November 05, 2001: Message edited by: Roostie_1 ]

weirdest looking katoom i've ever seen. I don't like the orange crush kits pictured in chapparral for the yz, but this looks ok on your f. look into gettinga orange gas tank made for it by clarke or sumthing. this would complete the disguise. :)

Roostie: It was around 280.00-all new plastic, seat cover, graphics, fender stickers, and a new disc guard. The plastic is Acerbis. The graphics, seat cover and stickers are N style. I ended up using hiper sports. I think the combination is an original...cant wait to go to the track and watch the heads turn!

Ernie: You sound like my wife!!!!!!! lol

See ya,


Remember this though: An ugly lookin' bike in 1st place looks better than a good looking bike in last place! Performance first... then looks is my philosophy LOL! I couldnt resist! But hey nice bike BTW that orange looks great! Later,


That is one ugly looking mofo, sorry man but I call em as I see em. Hopefully you will scratch it soon and come to your sense's.

Hey you asked.... :):D

Yes, I also call them like I see them, and you need a good crash so you can put your old stuff back on, Sorry just my thought.

As much as I thought it was UGLY when I first saw it, now I think it just flat looks wicked! Mighty cool! (Still not a KTM though :) )


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