Z-start pro setup for 2011?

Just got my z-start pro installed and love it so far. I have it set up for medium speed engagement and soft. I seem to have tons of engine braking and its really jumpy off idle even with the soft setting. Does anyone have their's set up with "high speed" engagement? I understand this setting will slip a lot more and will for the most part remove engine braking.

The Rekluse was not designed to address either of these things. You're essentially asking the clutch to do stuff it was never made for.

It won't have any effect on engine braking, and the Rekluse was never intended to eliminate that. The clutch engages at any speed above the preset engagement point, and has no ability to determine when you are on or off the throttle. All it knows is how fast the clutch assembly is turning, and whether that's fast enough for the weights to overcome the spring pressure. It won't reduce engine braking at 6000, for instance, unless it also disconnects the power at that speed. Clutches that reduce engine braking are called "back torque limiting" clutches, or "slipper" types. Different setup.

Similarly, the clutch won't alter the way the engine responds to the throttle at any speed higher than the engagement point, either, for the same reasons. You might get a little gain against the snappy throttle opening, though, by going to the High/Soft set up (heaviest spring set, 24 balls). You'd be better off on that score, however, by having the throttle body modified, or through remapping.

I run an '06, but FWIW, I find that the Medium/Soft combo is entirely perfect for my use.

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