Best desert bike?

I am looking for a dual sport for desert trips, Southern Cal to Mexico and the like. I have myself almost convinced that need an XR650R. The only concern is the weight. I am a 150 lb rider, which makes the KTM look a little easier to handle. Anyone have an opinion or some guidance? Thanks


XR650!!! :)

Steve Hengeveld won the Baja 1000 last night on a XR650R and he's 5'7" @ 145 lbs. Chris Blais took 2nd place on a XR650R and is 5’ 11” @ 150 lbs. That's a great power to total weight ratio that I wish I had. It's a good bike for limited dual sport use from what everyone tells me (I don't ride pavement anymore :)), but is great for off road fun, especially in the desert and surrounding trails.

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