Lowering links

Does anyone know about lowering links for your suspension Ive read that you can lower your seat height up to 2inches with one of these ive seen one from devol but im not sure how it works and how much it would compromise the suspension. :)

If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated

I bought one from Performance design. Nice unit, well made, has two grease zerks for each bushing. The only difference is the stock unit uses needle bearings where this one uses brass bushings with grease zerks. It lowered mine about an inch. I am 5'9" so I could use maybe another 3/4" but it works real well. At least I can touch my feet down now. I also lowered the forks down in the triple tree about 3/4". Made a big difference in riding tight trails for now. When I get a little better off-road I don't think it will matter. Either way, it was around $95.00 or so and it did the job I needed it to do.


Thanx for all the info i will definently try lowering the forks in the triple tree and i mite also play around with the sag on the rear shock to hopfully lower it an inch at least. :)

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