Need a spark arrestor now... Most economical and smart?

So I own a 2004 YZ450F. Have been using for a number of years in TX, and now I moved to NY. I need a spark arrestor here to ride anywhere. What is my cheapest option for meeting USFS compliance. I'm aware of the PMB spark arrestor, but that seems like a good amount of money to be throwing at my exhaust when I can likely get a used aftermarket exhaust for a few bucks more. I am more than happy with the amount of power this bike produces, so if I can pick up a cheap stock WR exhaust I'd be fine with it. That said, can a WR450 exhaust (or maybe even a WR250) be thrown onto my YZ450?

Another question would be what year exhausts would fit my bike? Could a yz426 exhaust fit? Pretty much whatever combo you can think of. Ideally I'd rather not mess with my carb jetts too.

Thanks guys!

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Not sure if Lexx makes one for that year, but they are under $90 at Rocky Mountain MC. My buddy has one and likes it.

I think you can buy a sa end cap, not sure which pipes they fit

+1 for the lexx. You can get the whole silencer and mid pipe fpor $169. I think you have to get the screen seperate but still the cheapest choice out there. I have the Lexx for my 08, great exhaust and really opens the bike up with the MX tip.

Check out dbDawg,they make silencers and spark arrestors.

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